The Wednesday Sellout

TV reporter decked live on the air

            Lee Valsvick decked

Minneapolis, Minnesota reporter Lee Valsvick (from KARE 11) gets slammed by her photographer during her Saturday morning live shot. The station’s website says she was not hurt. 

Hannah Storm’s propane explosion injury pictures (and unfortunate ad)


When posted images of ESPN’s Hannah Storm, post-propane explosion, the pictures were stunning. According to reports, Storm suffered 1st and 2nd degree burns in a December 11th gas grill explosion. Storm returned to work on January 1.

(Did you notice the unfortunate ad placement for “grills at Sears” above the pictures?)

Great touchdown celebration. Houston Texans TE Owen Daniels cuts the turkey on Thanksgiving and serves it to the Detroit Lions crowd on Thanksgiving.

Young Atlanta Hawks fan checks out a busty cheerleader live on TV.

"You don’t like horses?"

"Hellllllll nah."

Kansas City Chiefs safety Eric Berry is afraid of horses.

ESPN Airs Ben Roethlisberger ‘Drink and Drunk’ Graphic

During ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown, ESPN aired a graphic that read: Roethlisberger “Drink and Drunk.” They meant “Dink and Dunk,” but clearly Roethlisberger’s partying past was top of mind for the ESPN graphics operator. ESPN apologized for the mistake and fixed it on air. 

An ESPN cameraman fell live on the air during the morning edition of Sportscenter.

Karl Rove has meltdown on Fox News

Karl Rove still thinks Ohio is too close to call.

Tim Tebow has a girlfriend

Meet Camilla Belle, Tim Tebow’s new girlfriend.

Kevin Durant puts Jonas Valanciunas on a poster.

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